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10 Small Business Ideas for Foreigners in Poland

10 Small Business Ideas for Foreigners in Poland
Sep 30, 2022 (337 Views)

Many foreigners who are considering starting their own business in Poland are searching for the best business concepts. Poland is the ideal nation to begin this process due to its stable economic climate and ongoing development. Independence is a benefit of owning your own business because you will be your own boss and have no one to delegate tasks to you. However, there is a bigger responsibility attached to this. Your actions will largely determine whether the business is successful. Your business will be your source of income as soon as you launch it, and depending on the industry you work in, your management style and earning potential.

You'll have more work to do as the business expands and hires more people. The most crucial step, though, comes before this: picking the appropriate business. You must evaluate your opportunities, interests, opportunities, and the market in which you will compete. It is wise to choose pursuits that will enjoy high demand both now and in the future. Sometimes businesses fail due to a lack of business ideas as well as because you selected a low-income industry.


1. Food business

As the headquarters of your business, you can select one of the major Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Kraków, Wroclaw, or Gdask. When it comes to operating a food-related business, Poland offers excellent opportunities thanks to the large number of tourists who come here each year. It is crucial to pick a location close to the city's center or popular tourist destinations. You can select food tracks or more sophisticated options like restaurants and bars. You have the option to run a restaurant serving cuisine from your home country as a foreigner. Polish people are frequently curious about foreign cuisine and want to learn about things that are unfamiliar to them. Here, you have a lot of freedom to surprise people with regional flavors and cuisine.

Keep in mind that in order to launch your business, you will probably need to acquire specific permits and licenses. There are many food businesses in Poland, so if you want to succeed, your idea must be unique and offer something completely new. You might also consider opening a fast food restaurant that serves local treats. This business is well-liked because it typically does not call for significant upfront financial investments. Ingredients are crucial in the case of fast food; they must not only be of high quality but also always be delivered on time and under ideal circumstances. For this, a suitable refrigerated vehicle is required.


2. Consulting Services

Making a consulting firm will be a good idea if you want to launch a small business. Poland is experiencing a surge in popularity and demand for consulting firms. You need to be an expert in your chosen field to launch this kind of business. It will be your responsibility to impart your knowledge to a client in need of specialized guidance. If you have a degree or other proof of your education and skills, that's good. Consultations are available in a variety of fields, including law, business management, social media, dietetics, human resources, finance, and accounting. Experience and difficult-to-access knowledge are what really matter.

Someone must consider your skills valuable enough to pay for them. To properly promote your business online, you should pick a narrow specialization and have a solid understanding of the tools available. You have a wide range of options when it comes to consulting, and you can provide your services both online and in a fixed office. A popular job is that of a business consultant. It offers suggestions for actions a business should take to enhance productivity, boost earnings, and grow.


3. Online shop

This is a good business idea if you have an idea for offering unique products to your customers via an online store. You must keep in mind the prerequisites that must be satisfied. a well-designed website that enables quick shopping, social media marketing to advertise your company, or a creative concept. You must be familiar with import regulations if the business imports goods from abroad. However, you must deal with the proper delivery of goods to customers in the nation, which necessitates working with delivery services or setting up your own network. Choosing the goods that will be sold in the store is the most important step.

Nowadays, there are so many options for online retailers that you need a truly unique and good idea. This can be a good way if you were looking for some products on the Internet but were having trouble finding them. Investigate the market for the products. Consider the horizon.

By picking merchandise for your store, you can also concentrate on finding items that will become more and more in demand, such as those related to technological advancements, lifestyle changes, or aging trends in society. And if you have any special talents, such as playing an instrument, practicing yoga, or being fit, you can start making your own products, like workout recordings. Create, market, and sell your own brand of goods.


4. Event organizer/tourist guide

The event company organizes both corporate formal gatherings and private events, such as weddings, birthday parties, first communion celebrations, and family reunions. However, there are already a lot of businesses of this kind, so if you lack an innovative idea for how to organize this kind of event, you can arrange tours that take visitors around the city and its top sights. It will be a big plus if, as a foreigner, you speak English well or perhaps even other languages.

If you have the right dispositions for this, you can show tourists the most well-known locations. Pick the locations that interest you the most, and find out everything you can about them. It may be a job for you if you are good with people and have a knack for telling tales.

In order to succeed as a private tour guide, you must advertise your offerings and stand out from the crowd. Sometimes visitors prefer something other than the typical city tour, in which case you can think of your own intriguing ideas.


5. IT services

When it comes to IT services, many businesses require assistance. Smaller businesses in particular frequently lack IT industry experts and turn to outside assistance. You can start a business that offers IT equipment, programming, or website creation services if you are an expert in these fields. Creating a neighborhood information store can also aid in business promotion and local community recognition. Additionally, you might offer maintenance, assembly, cleaning, and software installation services.

The IT industry is very diverse, so if you are a specialist with a particular set of skills, you will never lack for clients. There is still a shortage of programmers in the workforce of about 50,000, according to estimates. This demonstrates both the enormous demand for IT services and the fact that many highly qualified professionals choose to work abroad. Any competent expert in this field will therefore be valued.


6. The work as an instructor

You can work as an instructor if you possess a special talent that is in demand, such as skiing, swimming, diving, or fitness. It is worthwhile to draw on your heritage and impart a special lesson. For instance, foreigners set up dance studios and impart their native dances. Poles are more likely to pick a foreigner who has different skills and comes from a different culture. A skiing or snowboarding school can be started by anyone. However, a group of knowledgeable instructors forms the backbone of this company. It is important to keep in mind that this is a seasonal business from the outset when making such a decision.

These schools typically are open from the middle of October or early November to the end of March. Weather has an impact on earnings as well. You can't expect to make a lot of money if the winter isn't snowy and icy. Therefore, you must consider whether you can afford it financially. The necessary licenses should be held by a reputable ski school. The ski and snowboard school is a seasonal enterprise, so it pays to make an effective advertising investment. Before the season, a strong campaign should be launched. Additionally, a top-notch website and online marketing form the foundation. If you have a variety of skills, you could combine activities and work as a swimming instructor during the summer.


7. Photography

All you need to do to take high-quality pictures is to invest in photographic gear, enroll in a course, and begin honing your own abilities. But skills and the appropriate portfolio are the most crucial. You can work at a variety of events, including concerts and family gatherings like weddings, communions, and birthdays as well as plan photo shoots. Additionally, if you succeed in gaining recognition, you may begin working as a freelancer for periodicals and websites. Being a foreigner with a strong portfolio from far-flung places, international work experience, and everything being properly displayed on your own website can be very advantageous.

It typically takes a business between a year and 18 months to turn a profit, so when planning your finances, consider where you will get money to operate with in the beginning. You will also require a great deal of drive and tenacity for your work.


8. Cleaning company/laundry

In both businesses and homes, there will always be a need for cleaning. Instead of professional skills, you should have a solid business plan and business knowledge. Even though these are straightforward jobs, people value their time in today's busy world, particularly in big cities, and would rather use it for activities other than cleaning and doing daily chores. Such businesses may be very successful.

It is a good idea to conduct market research before starting any business and carefully examine the demand for specific services, as well as the competition in terms of prices, opinions, and available offer. After that, all that remains is to assess your own capabilities and seek out a niche. For example, if your competition focuses on cleaning offices, perhaps it would be best to concentrate on cleaning homes and apartments. There are many variations, including organizing warehouses, cleaning spaces after renovations, caring for graves, and cleaning offices and apartments.


9. Wedding planner

A wedding consultant is a job that is in high demand and is becoming more and more well-liked in society. In the US, almost every young couple hires a unique individual or business to plan and manage the wedding and reception. This fashion is gaining popularity in Poland. The complete planning of the wedding ceremony is handled by the wedding consultant. The bride and groom give him instructions to prepare the ceremony, specify the budget, choose the date, and provide him with their vision for the ceremony's design.

The wedding planner hires a photographer, DJ, and team, finds a venue, and places orders for flowers, a cake, decorations, and wedding bands. You can enroll in a wedding consulting program. You will undoubtedly benefit from this as you get ready for this career. Negotiation, finding subcontractors, advertising, conversations with brides, fundamentals of the hotel industry, gastronomy, decorating, and styling will all be covered in the trainings. A good consultant must be able to handle stress because handling a client's most important day in life can make one uneasy. Surprises frequently occur, something goes wrong, and you will need to respond frequently while the event is happening. A wedding planner needs to be sympathetic and patient.


10. Care for seniors and disabled people.

Keep in mind that you must be able to communicate in Polish at least minimally in order to participate in this type of activity. The elderly will soon make up the majority in Polish society, necessitating the need for specialized services. It is one of the service sectors with the fastest growth in western nations, so it might be worthwhile to invest in it in Poland as well. A aging population poses a number of difficulties. The modifications are long-lasting and barely perceptible day to day. However, Poles are aware that taking care of the elderly will become increasingly crucial in the future.

A person providing services to the elderly can operate independently. You won't be able to add more staff until the orders start to come in. His responsibilities include cleaning the apartment, making bed changes, preparing meals, assisting with bathing, checking the first aid kit's contents, and generally making the patient's time more bearable (reading newspapers, talking, etc.). Emergency assistance is also crucial.