5 Podcasting Tips to Promote Artistry and Creativity

Whether an artist or an art enthusiast, the desire to be immersed in creativity at all hours of the day can be great. Unfortunately, life's duties prevent us from spending an entire day in museums or in front of a canvas.

Podcasts are the ideal solution for busy art enthusiasts. These audio shows are 21st-century radio shows, delivering critical information and guidance from entertaining specialists. Due to popular demand, the art podcast industry has flourished, with more and more artists tuning in daily for unique insights and words of wisdom.

Most significantly, podcasts for artists provide a unique chance for artists to learn more about their trade. They are a fantastic asset to any young artist's life. Below, we've prepared 5 podcasting tips to promote artistry and creativity.


1. Choose a good hosting and sign up for the directories

Your podcast, like a website, requires hosting so that it can be downloaded. Some free hosting services are available, but most will charge a monthly fee. You will need to register your podcast in some directories and host it. Apple Podcasts are the most important. Spotify is another significant player. They'll ask for the podcast's RSS address, which your hosting service will provide.


2. Listen to other podcasts

When you're stuck for ideas for your podcast, look to other podcasts for inspiration. Listen to podcasts about creativity to overcome creative block. Listen to podcasts in your industry or wheelhouse to get ideas for your own.

On the other hand, listening to podcasts outside your field or category may be beneficial. Listening for the sake of pleasure or curiosity may be what inspires you. Use Spotify's custom recommendations or the category search feature to discover podcasts.


3. Have a consistent editorial calendar

Consistency with an editorial calendar and timely releases are priorities when committing to producing a podcast for your brand. It is also important to release fact-checked statements to achieve success, trustworthiness, and credibility. Telling the story authentically and sincerely while remaining true to your expertise is an excellent way to gain an audience.


4. Make music your muse

Music, like podcasts, tells a story. How can music assist you in telling your story? Allow songs related to your podcast interests, concept, or subject matter to guide you.

Anchor's music + Talk format is a game changer, whether your podcast is about music or you want to use music as a tool to support your narrative. Creators can incorporate Spotify songs into any part of their episodes utilizing this feature. This interactive way concentrates on a single song, artist, genre, album, lyrics, or any other connecting thread provided by music. The Spotify miniseries "Music + Talk: Unlocked" delves into some unusual ways to use the format.


5. Ask your audience/community

Crowdsourcing is a method of generating ideas and engaging your audience. Crowdsourcing can be used as a pre-launch research and development strategy. This technique can also generate new episode ideas for existing podcasts.

Social media is an excellent platform for polling your target audience. Use Instagram Story features such as Questions and Polls. Some Instagram questions could be as simple as "what should my podcast be about?" or "what type of podcast do you wish existed?" If you have a few preliminary ideas, create a poll and allow your audience to choose between the options. If you already have a podcast and need help planning episodes, ask your followers what they want to hear from you next or an idea for a guest to appear on an episode.


What Drives their Popularity?

How and why did podcasts become such a popular type of media? It wasn't an overnight success, to be sure. The first podcasts and hosting services were offered in early 2004, but Apple only enabled them on iTunes in mid-2005. However, following some declines in popularity in the late 2010s, podcasting had a boom in the second half of the decade, with creators continuing to attract enormous viewers.

Some of the significant contributors to this include:



The fact that podcasts blend effortlessly into modern life is one of the critical reasons for their popularity. The format is often long-form, making it ideal for relaxing at home, playing in the background while working out, or accompanying the daily drive to work. It is the ultimate in convenient media, with no lengthy and frequent commercial breaks like radio.



Podcasting does not exclude any listener. Many podcasts were once restricted to a single platform. Podcasts may now be listened to wherever audiences are because of the availability of streaming services via cell phones and desktops.

There is now improved financial and practical accessibility of equipment for creators to create professional-sounding audio content. Audio interfaces that link microphones to devices through a USB connection and prevent bad signal quality are becoming more affordable, with many now being compatible with smartphone and tablet operating systems. This advancement has been critical in ensuring that various authors may deliver information to consumers.


Bottom line

There is no easier way to develop your creative abilities in the arts. However, artists must learn how to deliberately foster their creative selves. It is a skill that takes practice, but once you master it, you'll be able to produce more powerful work than you could have ever imagined.

Be brave and curious about your surroundings because they will inevitably influence your work. It enters as you found it or is enhanced in a way that best serves your needs. 


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