5 Ways to Create Dynamic Video Content to Market Your Bar


With so many bars and eateries being launched daily, creating your mark in your industry can take time. But with the right marketing strategy, you can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. 

In 2022, video content reached 93% of internet users. Another survey reported that 55% of marketers say that video marketing has an average ROI, and another 41% report that video marketing has a high ROI.

With so much potential, it is only right that, as a bar owner or marketer, you incorporate video marketing in your marketing strategy. Since it can be tricky to start, here are five things you can keep in mind when creating video content for marketing. 


Video content tips and tricks


1. Use various social media platforms

When creating video content, you should create content according to the platform. It will allow you to reach a larger audience and add variety to your content. 

Each social media platform has a different audience. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have relatively younger audiences, whereas YouTube has audiences of almost all age groups. If you use different platforms, you can attract different types of customers rather than just one group. 

YouTube is a great platform for longer videos and is the largest social media video platform. Instagram and TikTok are great platforms for videos with shorter formats. You can easily post short clips featuring promotional content like deals and offers on these platforms.


2. Let people get to know you

People want to feel a sense of comfort and community when visiting a local bar. It is why having videos that talk about your business and your staff can be a great idea. 

Initially, at the launch of your YouTube channel, you can create a video about your business and how it came into being, your plans, and your mission. In this video, you should introduce people to your staff and those that work behind the scenes. 

Once your page is launched, you can create videos about your staff and highlight their stories and their role in the team. You can even have some œday in the life of videos or casual interview-style videos. 

On Instagram and TikTok, you can create shorter videos showing the interior of your bar and your team working for upcoming promotions or events. You can have some lighter videos with behind-the-scenes blooper reels or clips highlighting how close the staff is. 

Just make sure you post regularly and keep things interesting. 


3. Start with one template

You can start with simpler templates and then expand from there on. 

You can use various custom slideshow makers to create a sideshow of various things such as products, testimonials, upcoming events, staff profiles, etc. You can then post these slideshows online on various platforms with some fun songs in the background.  

You can also look into creating dynamic video ads for social media that the algorithm then customizes based on the viewer™s activities and preferences. 


4. Give people some insider tips and tricks

As a business owner and a team running a bar, you are bound to have a lot of insider tips and tricks. Showcase your expertise whilst simultaneously helping people. You can create longer videos about cooking tips, bartending tricks, or your areas of expertise. You can have a YouTube playlist of such videos and post them once a week or twice a month, based on whatever is easy for you. 

You don™t need to set up a lot of lights and a whole set; you can initially start in your bar and kitchen and just invest in a good mic and camera and ensure that the final video is clear, audible, and interesting. Just make sure you do it regularly and don™t just forget about it. 

You can have some shorter clips too that you can post as Instagram Reels or on TikTok, or you can take clips from the longer videos and post them on various platforms.  


5. Market on your premises too

Digital signage refers to displays on television, screens, or projectors within the store or near the premises. It can get attention from people passing by or those inside the bar. 

You can use it to display short clips for upcoming promotions and custom slideshows featuring the menu, deals, testimonials, etc. You can also play some of the videos from your socials on these signs. You can create a lot of digital signage content, but make sure the display is large, clear, and professionally made. 



It may seem intimidating to create video marketing content initially, but if you dedicate time and effort to it, you will soon get the hang of it and get some great results. Initially, you might feel lost, but these five things can help you get started and make things easier. 

These tips will also allow you to have variety in your content and are simple enough that a small business can easily use them. 


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