A Complete Guide to Hire an ASP.NET Developer

Technology transformation is an ever-evolving process. With the advancement of technology, developers must stay updated on the latest trends. It is also significant for companies to stay cautious when hiring ASP.NET developers. They must assess the skills of the programmer carefully to ensure that you hire the resource for your most important project. Read this article to find out a complete guide on hiring an ASP.NET developer.  

What Does an ASP.NET Developer Do?  

ASP.NET programmers design and develop web applications by emphasizing database deployment. These experts work closely with the quality assurance team to make sure that the web applications function seamlessly. The main distinction between ASP.NET and .NET developers is their understanding of an application. ASP.NET application is significantly used to design dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. However, .NET is used to build a range of applications.  

Why Are Companies Looking For ASP.NET Developers?  

Companies are actively hiring ASP.NET programmers due to many reasons. The primary one is their strong understanding of tech stack tools and their knowledge of how to design optimized web applications. Hiring an ASP.NET expert remotely enables companies to complete their projects cost-effectively. Additionally, companies have the flexibility to scale up or down their .net manpower as per their business needs.   

To put things into perspective, ASP.NET ranks #10 among the most used web frameworks by developers in 2023. This is because .NET is a popular and adaptable framework used to create various applications, including web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps. Henceforth, the growth of the ASP.NET framework has increased the demand for ASP.NET developers this year.  

What Are the Challenges for Hiring an ASP.NET Developer?  

Ad-hoc projects are common in fast-working companies. However, the execution of IT projects like mobile app development or web app development needs a specialized team of ASP. Net experts. In this case, companies can either hire a full-time or part-time developer. When hiring a dedicated ASP.NET developer full-time, companies often face challenges. These include:  

Finding Qualified Talents 

A .net expert must have technical and non-technical skills to work on the projects and ensure the scalability of the company. However, the most challenging thing companies face while hiring dot net developers is finding qualified experts. The solution? Companies can outsource .net programmers to IT staffing and recruitment service providers like VLink. They have a pool of prescreened ASP.NET programmers who can start working on your project immediately.  

Difficulty Assessing Candidate Skills 

Your recruitment team may not know the technical skills of a .NET developer. As a result, the senior management of the company spends a lot of time interviewing the candidates to assess their skills. However, when companies hire a dedicated ASP.NET developer remotely, a staffing agency understands their business needs and helps cater to them. They provide access to .net specialists within 2 days so that your internal team can save their time and focus on more critical tasks.  

High Recruitment Costs  

From job posting to onboarding, the entire recruitment process can be costly for companies. But when companies outsource ASP.net programmers, they can mitigate the lengthy and time-consuming processes. This is because a staffing agency already has a great pool of candidates that companies can hire within 48 hours.  

Demand For High Salary  

ASP.NET developers are well-paid in the IT industry. Their salary ranges between $90,000 and $120,500 annually. The experienced applicant will demand a good salary package. Agreed? But consider a situation where you want to hire more than one developer for your project. It will indeed make the entire recruitment process expensive. Unlike this, hiring ASP.NET developers is cost-effective with IT staffing and recruitment agencies.

Time-Consuming Recruitment Process 

What would be the general process for hiring a full-time .net developer? First, your team will share the requirements with the recruitment team. Thereafter, they will create a job posting and screen the candidates. Further, your management will interview the candidate to assess their skills. Doesn’t it sound time-consuming? It is indeed! So, when companies hire .net experts remotely from a staffing firm, they can mitigate the time-consuming recruitment process. Companies can hire a dedicated .net programmer within 2 days. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire the Best ASP.NET Developer in 2024?  

Depending on their experience and skill level, .net developers in the USA typically earn between $15,000 and $99,000 annually. If you wish to engage three dedicated developers with practical knowledge of the ASP.NET framework, this could get costly. Isn’t it? So, the best approach is to hire ASP.NET developers remotely with an outsourcing and recruitment agency like VLink. The company provides access to pre-vetted candidates at an average cost of $25 to $120. Additionally, the company provides flexibility to hire resources full-time or part-time as per their business needs. More benefits? Recruitment firms like VLink also provide a 7-day risk-free trial to help businesses assess a developer and hire accordingly.  

Skills Companies Must Look While Hiring .NET Developers 



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