The Definitive Checklist of iOS App Security Tips and Tricks

Smartphones with advanced applications are now the center of our routine lives. We can easily avail banking, online shopping, and other kinds of services with the usage of the mobile application. Undoubtedly, the mobile application brings many benefits but has some security threats too! Hence maintaining the security of an app is a primary aspect of the app development process.

Regarding security concerns, we all know that iOS provides the world's most secure mobile operating system. According to Statista 2022, there were 124.7 million iPhone users recorded in the United States. There is no wonder why people go after iOS. With the rapid usage of technology, we now face an insecure environment because the apps we use contain a lot of our personal and sensitive data. Well, of course, there are both saviors and hackers! So if you want to create a safe environment for your iOS app, you must go through this checklist. In this guide, you can check on some essential security tips and tricks for iOS applications.


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Security Thread in the iOS App

iOS app security challenges can include a range of issues, such as:


Data Theft:

There are chances that the data available on a mobile app, like the access token of the app, API credentials, and other sensitive users' data, can be stolen.


Unsecure Communication:

If you are building your app communicative by using some insecure connection like HTTP, you will face potential security issues that make it easy for hackers to attack.


Risk of Cyber Attack:

If you think SSL will tighten the security of your app, then it's not true. You must provide more security layers, or else there are always chances of data threats. The attacker can steal sensitive data by decrypting the traffic resource of the iOS app.

No doubt iOS is the most secured mobile operating system, but as long as we are surrounded by cyber attackers, the security of the app is a must to check. There is always room for data theft unless you are well-prepared with the security checks. So it is a must to hire iOS developer who is assured about all the security checks and develops a well build encrypted iOS mobile application for you. Now let's take some insight into how to overcome such issues.


Security Checklist for iOS App

To make your iOS application protected must go through this checklist to put a solid layer of protection to maintain the privacy and security of users. 


Secured Communication

In HTTP communication, the information flow is in plain text to the network, so there is always a threat of data leakage, for example, man-in-middle-attack. To prevent such snooping attacks, you must provide an encrypted communication network. So always use a secure connection like HTTPS for communication.


Keychain for Storing Data

A keychain security system is a program that stores user names, passcodes, and other info in an encrypted format, which makes it secure from an unauthorized environment. It stores and manages confidential information, such as account numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), and credit card numbers. It also helps in protecting user accounts from unauthorized access by preventing users from using their personal information on a public network. So it is essential to operate a keychain platform for storing sensitive information.

SSL Pinning

SSL pinning stands for security measures, assuring that the connection between the iOS software and server is secure. Security measurement is done by checking the server's SSL certificate. The SSL pinning makes sure that the platform communicates only with the appointed server and will not authorize any request to be transmitted outside of the network. SSL pinning makes all the data running on the platform secure and private.


Jailbreak Check

The user can gain root access on a jailbroken device, which indicates downloading the software that Apple does not verify may appear. Therefore, crackers can steal or sell sensitive data, passwords, and other authentication details of the user. If you want to preserve the protection of your iOS app, then you must determine if the application is working on the jailbroken device or not. There are various techniques for performing a jailbreak check. If you want to implement more security, then restrict your app to non-jailbroken devices.


Application Authorization

Most iOS apps offer access through a PIN or password decided by the user. So it makes it obvious to store the data within the network. If someone tries many attempts by entering the wrong passcode, then the stored data on the app platform will be deleted automatically, and the user will log out of the platform. This issue can happen with the actual user as well if he forgets the credentials. To overcome this issue, put an extra layer of security for users by implementing facial id, biometrics, or fingerprint authentication. Therefore users can easily access the app without fearing the loss of PINs and passwords.


App Transport Security

App Transport Security (ATS) is a security feature provided by Apple which executes best practices to provide secure network connections between an app and its back end. It requires app developers to use HTTPS for all network communications instead of HTTP. This allows for better protection of user data, as it assures that all data sent between the app and server is encrypted.


Why Choose iOS?

iOS is more protected than other operating systems because of its built-in security functionalities like encryption, sandboxing, and regular software updates. Security remains the primary reason to choose iOS. But there are much more benefits of the iOS Operating System. With every new launch of iOS versions, its security features are becoming more powerful. iOS devices indeed come with higher prices than other operating systems, but iOS users know its value, so they are ready to pay for it. It's better to choose iOS rather than feel sorry for losing your data over unauthorized platforms.


Wrapping up

Developing a safe and secure iOS application is not an easy task. Where the security factors remain critical to perform. The elements of iOS apps are more secure than Android apps. In short, Apple offers strict security features and privacy protocols for iOS users. However, at some points, iOS data can also be cracked. And there is no way to hide from attackers, but at least these security tips will surely make the job challenging for attackers. So, the programmers need to be conscious and follow some practical tactics to maintain the security of the app. Learning is the never-ending way; keep going with the new security tips and tricks to create a safe app environment for your valuable users.


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