Mobile App Development Process Step by Step

Customer behavior is being redefined by mobile apps. More effective than ever are the channels for customer engagement and customer acquisition. Small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs now frequently use innovation to reach new audiences and win them over as loyal customers.

This blog post will provide a brief overview of the mobile app development process in 2022. Then, we'll delve into what wireframes are, the tools used to create them today, testing support, and maintenance.


Mobile App Development Lifecycle in 2022

The process of creating an application for a mobile app is not straightforward. It entails picking the appropriate platforms, developing the front end of the mobile app, launching, testing, deployment, support, and maintenance. The procedure is not yet finished. The steps in the process of developing a mobile app include more.

The development of the back-end, which consists of business logic and API, then follows. With various functionalities, an app must meet the needs of any business. A thorough understanding of the market and the needs of the target audience is necessary to create a distinctive and successful mobile app. We keep a constant eye on the app's domain and requirements.


Build an App Development Strategy

There are a few easy to follow steps that are essential for developing a mobile app development strategy. Setting up the user profile is the first step in the strategy. The second step is specifying the data that will be made accessible via the mobile app. Finally, decide how to use the data produced by the mobile app to inform business decisions after designing the data security protocol.

Once the strategy is clear in our minds, it will serve as a guide for the stages of development and deployment. In order to develop a mobile app, we will continue to gather the business requirements and comprehend the features, functionalities, and optimization.


What are the Prerequisites for Project Requirements?

An NDA is typically used as the first business document before developing an app, according to seasoned mobile app development companies. Once the app development stage is complete, the NDA comes into effect and covers every aspect of your app development that the business is required to give you.

Agreement and term sheet with the names of the parties to the agreement, the deadlines, and the information that must be kept confidential,

The project, application features, and tech stack are highlighted and specified in a business requirement document.


Phase of Mobile App Development

A rough framework known as a wireframe serves as the UI designer's first step in the process. As a visual aid, use a page schematic or screen blueprint. So a UI designer now starts the ideation phase with the aid of wireframes, which is an essential step in the development of mobile apps.


What are Wireframes?

They serve as the starting point for a mobile app's skeletal structure. A prototype that was improved further. Getting into the source files, fonts, images, SVGs, and some notes is what comes next.

Wireframes provide a simple, and occasionally very precise, outline for the development of mobile apps. It is the best way to understand the user flow and has the best page structure, layout, and information architecture. Sometimes it becomes simpler to understand the intended behavior. It thus symbolizes the original product concept.


The Workflow Begins With the Design Tool.

It is best to use Figma, the best UI prototyping tool for designers and developers available today. The production workflow becomes much leaner as opposed to sending a long list of elements to developers. The tiny URL serves as a link that can be exported. The panel allows you to format style visual guides around the chosen direction.


Wireframing and App Design

To put it simply, a wireframe is a component of the app development life cycle that aids in the development of final design solutions. Creating wireframes is critical no matter what industry domain or digital platform you're working on.



A mobile app mockup is essentially a designer's milestone. Between a wireframe and a working prototype in the mobile app development process. A high fidelity simulation of a mobile app combines the logic of design before beginning development in mobile app design.

A mock up is a great tool for design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes. Mock-ups are primarily used by UI designers to gather feedback from users, stakeholders, and team members to determine whether the overall design strategy meets the intended business goals.


Mobile App Development Process

The active stage of the development life cycle is thought to be mobile app development. This phase applies the waterfall methodology to agile coding, user roles, repositories, and functional integration testing. Some programmers refer to it as the heart of the creation of mobile apps. However, the concept of the app must be understood by the development team.


1. App Testing

The process of developing a mobile app must include app testing. Once an app has been developed, it is important to understand how well it works. The functionalities are being thoroughly tested by our QA engineers. The QA team sets up various test cases prior to the app launch to identify any bugs or errors. If any are discovered, fix them to obtain the desired app quality.


2. App Launch & Deployment 

Your app is directed to Google Play or Apple's App Store for the purpose of application deployment, depending on the app platform selected.

Once your app is published in the App Store, it goes through a review process that could take some time to complete. As there is no review process for Android apps, it depends on how closely your app adheres to the iOS app guidelines.

After a few hours of submission, your app is accessible on the Play Store for Android. a developer account to upload and distribute your app. Apple and Google Play Store are the most popular options.


3. Application Security Testing

Application security testing is crucial both during and after the development of the app.

Surprisingly, 40% of companies don't check the app codes for security flaws.

They are conducting tests to see if an app is functional for many features. Some applications employ a card-based user interface to aid in improving readability. Moderator features, inline media previews, support for multiple accounts, filters, spoiler alert support, and customization features are all tested in apps.


4. Support

The technical performance of the app is part of the iterative process, along with some benchmarking against objectives and target designs for your subsequent iterative release.

This leads us to the maintenance of apps, which is our next point. What kind of upkeep does an app require? the distinction between support and maintenance.

To guarantee a continuous and bug-free functioning of any live mobile app, maintenance and support procedures are followed. It entails a thorough evaluation and observation of the factors that affect the end-user experience.

The top development firms include a maintenance fee in their contracts. Software companies and agency owners typically bill for services at a rate of 15 to 20 percent of the initial development costs. Therefore, as a general rule and in accordance with accepted practices, if your app cost $100,000 to develop, you should budget to pay about $20,000 per year to maintain it.



Businesses that conduct online sales of goods or services should think about investing in mobile apps to expand their audience reach. To gain a significant market share, a number of vertical industries, including e-commerce, gaming, sports, finance, food, travel, and telecommunications, are revolutionizing and causing disruption. Better customer service or greater loyalty are provided by mobile apps.


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