Smart Travel: Time-Saving Tricks and Money Hacks for Digital Nomads

When you live your life as a digital nomad, learning new tricks and tips on saving time and money is always a good idea. All digital nomads work hard for their money, so finding ways to pay less for travel expenses is the goal.

Traveling can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. And when your lifestyle consists of constantly traveling and at the same time working, you’re always on the lookout for smart hacks that can help you better manage your time and money.

Here are some smart traveling tips that can help you save time and money as a digital nomad.

Booking flights and transportation

As a digital nomad, you’re probably already well-versed in finding cheap tickets for your new adventures. However, that doesn’t mean you love spending time hunting for these cheap tickets. So, here are some tricks you might find useful.

First, we need to add that anything that has to do with the airline industry is crazy so, don’t beat yourself up. Some days you’ll find great flight deals, others you won’t.

But there are hacks that you need to know. The first hack is to always book your flights at least six weeks in advance, and then purchase tickets on a Tuesday (prices are the lowest on Tuesdays for some reason).

The other hack would be to keep your flying dates flexible. This implies searching for the cheapest month to travel to your destination, and then booking a flight for different days such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on.

Finding smart accommodation

The next important decision you’ll need to make is accommodation. How to find places to stay when traveling abroad is something that comes with experience. However, some various tips and tricks can help you book accommodations that have everything you need and that fit your budget. 

The most ideal solution would be to stay in your destination for free. But that’s not an option. Or is it? Yes, there is an option where you can stay for free but as a house sitter who will look after the house and pets. House sitting is not a new concept, but it’s only now gaining popularity. 

You can stay for free in people’s homes while traveling. But of course, you need to be verified, with recommendations, and without any criminal records to be able to apply for something like this. 

Your other option is hostels. Hostels offer you a great opportunity to save money while traveling. Plus, you can meet people from all around the world if you stay in a hostel.

And we know that hostels have a negative reputation, but they are much more comfortable and private nowadays. So much so, that you can now book a private room with a bathroom in a hostel.

Saving money

Saving money while traveling seems a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it? However, experienced digital nomads know that it’s very much possible. You can save money on the most expensive parts of traveling by signing up for a travel credit card. 

A travel credit card allows you to earn points with every dollar you spend. Later on, you can redeem these points for various travel expenses.

This means that you’ll be able to book a free flight, get free accommodation, or rent a car for free by simply putting your purchases on your travel credit card.

The second hack is to dine on a budget. It’s not a secret that the most expensive part of the travel is food. To be able to save some money, you need to learn how to eat well on a budget.

The best way to do this is by making the most of street food and local cuisine. You might be wary of street food, but it may turn out to be some of the best food you’ve tried yet. And local cuisine isn’t just expensive restaurants. Visiting local grocery shops and preparing your version of local food can be much more affordable.  

Light packing tips

Want to avoid expensive luggage fees and save some money? No problem. All digital nomads can travel lightly and more comfortably with these light packing tips.

Our first tip is to minimize your luggage to a backpack and a carry-on. This will not only save you money, but you’ll come to realize how practical it is to travel with just two bags.

Then, get organized. A lot can fit in a small carry-on and a backpack if you just organize it nicely. Make the most of vacuum bags and packing cubes. 

Don’t forget to add a medical kit! You never know when you might need it. While on the go, always keep a bottle of water by your side. Staying hydrated is crucial when traveling. You can even order a couple of personalised stubby holders to keep your bottle customized.

If you’re flying with budget airlines, don’t forget to check for luggage restrictions. Different airlines have different restrictions that may surprise you.

Staying safe on the go

Staying safe and secure while traveling can be tough, but not impossible. As a frequent traveler, you should know that health and travel insurance are a must.

Do your research and find the insurance you think can cover the most things. For example, your health insurance should be able to cover the cost of a doctor and hospital service. Your traveler's insurance should cover the costs of lost baggage, trip delays or disruptions, emergency medical situations, and other travel-related situations.

When it comes to your laptop, your whole livelihood is there, so securing it should also be a priority. Make sure you back it up in case it gets broken or stolen. You can backup your whole laptop onto an external hard drive or on a cloud.

Similarly, don’t forget to use a VPN. Every digital nomad knows that VPNs are essential. So, to protect all your personal information, a virtual personal network is a perfect solution.

Bottom Line

Finding clever ways to save time and money as a digital nomad is always a great idea. Constantly traveling and changing locations can deplete your savings and your hard-earned money pretty fast. 

Similarly dealing with airlines, booking tickets, and accommodation can be time-consuming, that’s why having smart travel solutions and hacks can come in handy.

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