5 Great Gifts to Get a Graduating College Student

College is a time of great change, and as students go through graduation ceremonies and into the real world, they're likely to need lots of new things. Here are some great gifts for graduating college students:

1. A Gift Card

This is always a safe bet. You don't have to know what kind of job they'll be getting or where they'll be living next year, but if you have an idea, it might make sense to get them something they can use in that city or town. For example, if they're moving back home or staying local, consider giving them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop so they can treat themselves to breakfast or lunch on occasion. If they're moving out of state or overseas, buy a gift card that works everywhere ” like Visa or MasterCard ” so they can use it anywhere in the world.

2. Smartphone

A smartphone is an essential gadget for any college student. It's their go-to source for everything from taking notes in class to looking up information on Google. A new smartphone can help them keep up with their friends on social media and make it easier to stay in touch with their family members. They'll also be able to use their phones to access the internet from anywhere on campus ” or even off campus! It's essential that you choose a phone that's compatible with your mobile carrier. That way, if you are a parent, your child can use the new smartphone without needing to change providers first.

3. A Savings Account and Money

Let's face it: College costs aren't going down anytime soon. And as much as people think they will get that full-time job right out of school and never need another dime, the odds are good that one day the grads will be back on their own two feet financially and need to save for the future. If you've got a little extra cash in the bank, buy them an interest-earning savings account (or contribute directly to one they already have) and let them know how proud everyone is of their accomplishment!

Also, cash is always a good option if you need to figure out what kind of gift to give someone moving out into the world on their own. You can write them a check or provide them with a stack of twenties ” either way, they'll appreciate having some cash in hand when they need it most. And if you specifically want to make it easy for them to buy groceries or pay their bills, give them an extra $100 bill instead of checks or single bills so they can easily exchange it at any store or ATM machine.

4. An Eye-Catching Watch and Travel Bag

Watches are more than just timepieces ” they're accessories that reflect your personality and style. They can also be a great way to keep track of time as you adjust to life outside school. An Apple Watch or an Android Wear device is among one of the best graduation gifts for young adults who want to stay connected while looking stylish at all times! These smartwatches have apps that let you track everything from fitness activities to social media updates ” and they look great too!

Also, graduating college and going off on your own is a big step in life. A new suitcase for your graduate to travel with will help them pack all their belongings in style! A nice luggage set is always a good choice, as well as a backpack or duffel bag to keep their belongings organized and can be super useful for traveling on overnight flights, day trips, and even business trips.

5. An Amazon Prime Membership

The latest generation of graduates has grown up with technology and is likely to be heavy users of it. They may not have thought about how much time they spend on their devices or what kind of impact that may have on their well-being, but they may have heard about it from friends or family members who have been trying to cut back on screen time.

Graduation is a time for friends and family to celebrate an important milestone together. A gift is a way to express our appreciation for the time and effort someone has put into pursuing their education and congratulate them on a job well done. This is why finding the perfect gift can be so thoughtful.

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