5 Ways Start-ups in Poland Can Increase Their Funding

Obtaining start-up funding is difficult, but it is required for the majority of businesses. Business is all about being able to expand and hire more employees, but if your start-up lacks the necessary funds, it will fail. The good news is that there are ways for start-ups to obtain funding...and they are not as difficult or frightening as some may believe. This post will go over five methods for start-ups to get more funding:


Angel Investors

There are several methods for locating angel investors. Some angels prefer to invest in stages, so they may make a small initial investment and then follow up with a larger investment if the start-up meets certain criteria.

This exchange is facilitated by angel investing platforms, which connect start-up founders with angel investors willing to assist with specific business areas. Some angels invest in multiple businesses, while others specialize in a single industry or product.

To begin, seek out angel investors through referrals. Because many angel investors connect with companies through referrals, meeting them at networking events can help you increase your chances of obtaining angel funding.

Attend angel investor events in your area; these occur on a regular basis and are an excellent way to meet potential funders. Reach out to other business owners as well; their contacts may know angel investors who are interested in investing in your company.


Non-profit Micro Lenders

Non-profit microlenders can provide start-up capital to small businesses. Microlenders typically offer smaller sums of money ranging from $500 to $50,000. The loans are repaid with business profits.

Many small business owners with little or no other form of collateral can use these loans to establish a credit history. Furthermore, microlenders are more likely than banks and credit unions to approve loans with lower interest rates.

Rather than relying on institutions, which are frequently short on cash but have plenty of resources, private investment technology allows start-ups to tap into the expertise and capital of other investors in their industry, who may not be as sophisticated but have plenty of money at their disposal.

If you don't have one, hire one to help you project your start-up costs. Ascertain that the projected profits are sufficient to repay the loan. Create a business plan to justify your need for start-up funding once you've determined your finances.


SBA Loans

SBA loans are a popular source of start-up funding, but they come with conditions. For example, not all applicants are eligible for the same amount, and the eligibility requirements are stricter than for traditional bank loans.

Start-ups that are primarily focused on illegal operations or lending, or that have not yet proven profitable enough to warrant a larger loan, are not the best candidates.

Because a start-up has little history, lenders see it as a riskier venture. While an established company may have proof of its success, start-ups rely solely on their business plan and industry experience to prove their viability.

As a result, their ideas are still novel and have yet to be validated by lending institutions. As a result, the SBA has created a loan program that offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for start-ups to obtain additional funding.



According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, crowdfunding isn't the only way for start-ups to get funding, but it is an excellent way for SMEs to build a customer base. You can use crowdfunding to make donations in addition to obtaining additional funding for your start-up.

Reward-based crowdfunding is one of the most common types of crowdfunding, in which donors who donate a certain amount are rewarded. This crowdfunding platform can assist start-ups of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations.

If you intend to raise funds for a start-up, you can provide various incentives, such as pre-released products or enticements.


Get Out Of Your Polish Office :)

It is critical to emphasize that start-ups must leave the building and find customers willing to buy their products. If you spend more time looking for more fundraising money than you do building a product, you will most likely struggle to find funding. To get investors interested, you must have something that people will pay for, and there is always the risk that they will not return if they do not see results, leaving you with nothing.

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