How Can AngularJS Give Your Venture An Efficient Solution?

The demand for application development is widespread among all entrepreneurs, as digitization is being adopted everywhere. Users nowadays prefer the usage of mobile networks for accomplishing their tasks through applications. Therefore, it forces entrepreneurs to build a solution for their businesses. But, it seems to be a daunting question for them to choose the appropriate platform from the varieties available for development in the market.

Among them, AngularJS is currently in significant demand as it is listed in the top 5 most used platforms whose usage has been adopted for developing applications worldwide amongst developers by 20.39%, as per the report of 2022. Thus, entrepreneurs are interested in developing AngularJS solutions.

Using AngularJS, the start-up owners would receive an efficient solution for their ventures. Besides, various categories of applications that can be created using AngularJS, steps to hire AngularJS developers, examples of AngularJS applications, and advantages to business for building applications through AngularJS are discussed in this article.

Moreover, AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework used to create dynamic web apps. The developers, knowing JavaScript and HTML, can work on AngularJS efficiently without understanding the new platform. After collecting brief knowledge  about the technology, you need to refer to the below section explaining the type of applications that can be created by utilizing AngularJS.

Which Different Types of Applications Can Be Developed Using AngularJS?

You have already derived that AngularJS is majorly selected to create front-end applications. Although numerous types of solutions can be made for business using AngularJS. So, those categories which can be developed using AngularJS are described below.

Custom Solution

If you, as an entrepreneur, want to develop a solution fulfilling the requirements of your enterprise. In that case, a customized application can be built using AngularJS, which makes it an appropriate choice. Moreover, another reason behind becoming a choice because start-up owners receive a large variety of attributes in their solutions.

Single Page Application

Single page applications load the same page while interacting with the users for new data. One of the frameworks is AngularJS to build SPA utilizing JavaScript-based front-end web frameworks. This aids enterprises in building an app with a low loading speed, seamless user experience, lesser bandwidth, and many more benefits.

E-Commerce Platform

AngularJS provides a smooth UI that allows coders to keep 2-way complex data binding with a seamless architectural design which assists your enterprise to impact considerably in the market. Hence, by using AngularJS, you can get your e-commerce application ready.

Thus you, as an entrepreneur, must have received an idea that the above-listed types of solutions can be developed using AngularJS. Besides, there are many categories of platforms that can be developed. But how? So, let™s know some tips to get an AngularJS application for business.

How Can You Get an AngularJS Application For Your Venture?

As a start-up owner, you can get an AngularJS application created for your venture. Refer to the following tips to hire developers to build an AngularJS solution for an enterprise.

Find Proper Tech Company

The first and foremost tip for creating an AngularJS application is to find a suitable technology partner providing AngularJS coders to hire. A firm should be selected based on a few criteria, such as checking the requirement satisfaction of your enterprise and whether it™s serving solutions at a reasonable rate or not. Then, the programmers should be appointed by a company that fulfils these perspectives.

Test the Developers

When a technology partner is decided, you should check their coders in different ways. It includes analysing their knowledge regarding AngularJS, examining past projects, and assigning specific work. The programmers who pass through all such hurdles set by you are the ones liable for hiring.

Hire Coders

After selecting the specific developers you have chosen, it™s time to hire them for your project. When appointing them for your task, you should discuss some points, such as work durations, business requirements, and the deadline for submission. Knowing all those criteria regarding the project helps them to work accordingly.

Trace Progress

After finalizing particular developers, you need to track the progress of your project. To know the current phase of your applications, you must assign milestones to programmers to get a perfect idea about how much task is left to be performed by coders.

Thus, by following the above-stated tips, you can hire developers to get an AngularJS solution created. Also, if you are unaware of the applications made on AngularJS, then consider the below section containing some examples.

Examples of AngularJS Applications:

There are numerous examples of applications around us that are built using AngularJS. So go through some of them that are described below in detail:


The application is popular enough as a video streaming solution worldwide apart from a few regions. Users can stream OTT videos online on their demand using a solution or website. Moreover, it uses AngularJS to implement various themes and animations for every streaming option, which always gives a new feel and interactive UI to users to meet their preferences and requirements.


For the purpose of email, the only name that comes to my tongue is ˜Gmail.™ It is an open email service by Google and a single page application for users where they can perform their tasks on a daily basis. Furthermore, it™s known for its usability, which helps users to stand still through the competition.


It is an application and website for professional users where entrepreneurs find the desired professionals and the executives find their places of employment. Furthermore, a solution is built using AngularJS, which helps a firm to handle enormous data effortlessly. In addition, the company is known for providing its service from the last 19 years and is used worldwide due to its consistent performance.


It is an American payment company founded in 1998. The countries allowing online money transactions are aware of the firm™s reputation and trustability of users. An application for an organization is developed using AngularJS version 1.4.8, which assists them in managing large user transaction data and in maintaining high-security standards. The built quality of the platform is so robust that consumers face minimal or no complications while performing specific tasks.

Thus, by reading the above information regarding the solutions of renowned brands, you might have received an idea about the significance of AngularJS application development. Hence, making an AngularJS solution for an enterprise would offer specific benefits stated in the section below.

Advantages of Developing Application Using AngularJS For Business:

Although you, as a start-up owner, must be convinced about building an AngularJS solution for your venture. But, in what ways does your enterprise get benefit through the AngularJS application is mentioned. Consider each of them:

Cross Platform App Development

An application/web app with cross-platform compatibility can be built using the AngularJS framework. Although AngularJS is giving a pleasing output with PWAs(Progressive Web Apps), its mastery doesn™t stop here, but also native applications can be created as it comes with a Google-powered tool. Earlier, coders used a combination of Ionic-AngularJS, but now a mixture of Native Script-AngularJS is utilized that satisfies the purpose of building a cross-platform app for enterprises.

High Performance

The applications developed through AngularJS are easy to use and require the least maintenance, which is one of the reasons fetching entrepreneurs for developing an AngularJS solution. Moreover, AngularJS only deals with static files, which reduces server stress and helps the platform to give an overall high performance.

Superior App Quality

According to learning statistics of AngularJS vs. ReactJS, ReactJS wins the race when it comes to learning a platform. But, if you want to develop a solution with an appealing UI, then the capabilities of a programmer come to play.

The coders who possess knowledge about AngularJS can work with any other language in a JavaScript universe. In addition, they receive numerous attributes that allow developers to make any category of solution.

Permits Frequent Testing

A solution developed using AngularJS can be tested many times by coders to be sure enough that an application is bug-less. Hence, it is one of the advantages of building an app through AngularJS.

So, due to the aforementioned beneficial reasons for creating an AngularJS solution for enterprise, many start-up owners are willing to make their solution using AngularJS, as it provides them with satisfying results.

Final Words:

Today, there is a tremendous demand for application and web development. The people have immediately bolstered the use of technological solutions in the last 10 years. Business owners are eagerly finding an appropriate tech stack, so for them, AngularJS is the best platform. Thus, by reading this blog about how AngularJS can give your venture an efficient solution, they can gain A-Z information regarding AngularJS development and technology.


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