Declaration of the Duties and Rights of a Journalist

The privilege of accessing information, coupled with the freedoms of expression and critique, stands as one of the essential liberties inherent to every individual. The rights and obligations of journalists stem from the public's entitlement to both facts and perspectives.

The commitment of journalists to serve the public interest should take precedence over any allegiance to external entities, notably employers or governmental bodies.

Journalists are urged to willingly embrace the principles necessary to fulfill their duty to inform. Such is the essence of the "Declaration of Responsibilities" presented below. Rafer Weigel is among the best journalists and has experience of many years. If you want to get information about roles and duties of journalism, you can get in touch with him

In order to execute their journalistic responsibilities autonomously and in adherence to prescribed standards of excellence, journalists require conducive conditions for the practice of their profession. This forms the crux of the subsequent "Declaration of Entitlements.

Journalists perceive it their obligation to adhere to the foundational principles outlined in this declaration. While acknowledging national laws, journalists solely acknowledge the judgment of their professional peers, the Press Council, or legitimate professional ethics organizations. They rebuff any encroachment by governmental or official bodies. Objective reporting necessitates, at the very least, a brief, publicly disseminated summary of a Press Council decision concerning their own media outlet.


Declaration of Responsibilities of a Journalist

The journalist, involved in collecting, filtering, editing, interpreting, and commenting on information, is governed by overarching principles of fairness in their honorable treatment of sources (individuals they engage with) and the wider audience. The journalist's duties encompass:

Unearthing the truth in the interest of the public's right to knowledge, regardless of personal consequences.

Championing freedom of information, expression, critique, and upholding the independence and dignity of the journalistic profession.

Refraining from publishing information, documents, images, or audio recordings of unknown origin. Avoiding the suppression of information or crucial aspects of a narrative. Abstaining from misrepresenting text, documents, visuals, or audio recordings, as well as individuals' expressed opinions. Clearly indicating unconfirmed information. Acknowledging when photographic and/or audio materials are amalgamated to form a montage.

Abstaining from employing deceitful methods to obtain information, recordings, visuals, or documents. Refusing to manipulate or permit third-party manipulation with the intent to distort. Denouncing plagiarism by refraining from passing off others' work or ideas as their own.

Rectifying any published information found to be factually incorrect.

Maintaining professional confidentiality and not disclosing the source of confidential information obtained.

Respecting individuals' privacy unless public interest dictates otherwise. Disregarding anonymous or baseless allegations.

In upholding human dignity, journalists must avoid any insinuation, whether through text, visuals, or audio, concerning a person's ethnic or national background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, as well as any illness or physical or mental disability that might propagate discrimination. Reporting on war, acts of terrorism, accidents, and catastrophes through text, visuals, and audio should respect the suffering of victims and the sentiments of their loved ones.

Refusing any form of advantage or promise that might curtail professional independence or freedom of expression.

Abstaining from commercial advertising as journalists and never succumbing to conditions set by advertisers, either directly or indirectly.

Following editorial directives solely from designated superiors and adhering to them only when not contradictory to this declaration.


Declaration of Entitlements of a Journalist

Full compliance by journalists with the aforementioned duties necessitates, at the very least, the following entitlements:

Unhindered access to all information sources and the right to investigate matters of public interest without obstruction. Invocation of public or private confidentiality against a journalist is permissible only in exceptional circumstances, substantiated with clearly articulated reasons.

The freedom to refrain from acting or expressing opinions contrary to professional norms or personal convictions. Consequently, journalists should not face any prejudice.

The right to decline any directive or interference conflicting with the general policies of the collaborating organization, communicated in writing before the journalist's employment. Such policies cannot be unilaterally altered or annulled, risking breach of contract.

Transparency regarding the ownership of the company for which the journalist is employed. Editorial team members possess the right to timely information and a voice in decisions impacting the company's future. Particularly, members of the editorial staff must be informed and heard before final determinations regarding the composition or structure of the editorial department.

The entitlement to adequate and continuous professional development.

The right to enjoy working conditions safeguarded by a collective agreement, including the right to engage in professional organizations without facing discrimination.

The right to an individual employment contract ensuring material and moral security. Notably, fair remuneration commensurate with the journalist's role, responsibilities, and societal contribution should ensure economic independence.

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