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3 Most Profitable Business in Poland

3 Most Profitable Business in Poland
Sep 30, 2022 (1K Views)

Poland is a significant and growing market within the European Union (EU). It has proven to be stable during financial crises, solidifying its position as a reliable and expanding market. Investors are drawn to the jurisdiction's promising opportunities, competitive and well-educated workforce, strong and stable economic outlook, and advantageous access to EU markets. Poland, which has a population of about 38 million, is one of the largest markets among EU members, and its economy has experienced impressive growth rates ever since it was assimilated into EU law.

The economy of Poland has a solid reputation for being diverse and stable, and according to the World Bank, it was the one in Europe that was least affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to its growing popularity, investors are searching for the most lucrative businesses to operate in Poland.


1 - Advanced Manufacturing

The first top industry in Poland to think about in 2022 is advanced manufacturing. The fields of cyber-physical systems, internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing are increasingly being integrated into our lives as the global economy transitions to and welcomes Industry 4.0 (the adoption of data exchange and automation of manufacturing technologies). This is especially noticeable in the corporate and manufacturing sectors, where technology is fundamentally altering productivity and workflows. Poland's manufacturing sector is still growing and strengthening despite the Covid-19 crisis.

In order to advance the economy, the government is actively pushing the boundaries of investment in new technologies and incorporating cutting-edge manufacturing techniques like additive manufacturing, also known as "3D Printing." As a result, a variety of grants and resource assistance are made readily available to support local R&D and manufacturing innovation in Poland. Poland currently invests $9 billion in innovation alone, and more than 300 R&D centers have been established to promote creativity and innovation. This demonstrates the government's commitment to growing Poland's advanced manufacturing sector.

Poland is currently in a strong position to develop a number of manufacturing and technical solutions, such as sensors, instruments, electric motors, machinery tools for cutting and forming metal, welding and soldering equipment, digital solutions, and equipment for additive manufacturing. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities in the nation for those who work in the field of advanced technology abroad to make investments that will pay off.


2 - Environmental Technologies:

The second-best industry in Poland to think about investing in for 2022 is environmental technologies. Since being indoctrinated as an EU member state, Poland has actively embraced green environmental practices, constructing more than 1,000 new water treatment facilities, developing its piping infrastructure, cutting its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30%, building new facilities to manage hazardous waste, and developing initiatives to help protect threatened plant and animal species. Despite government efforts, Poland still has one of the most fossil fuel-dependent economies among EU members, and air pollution and smog continue to be serious problems in many Polish states.

Coal burning still makes up the majority of the nation's energy mix as of 2020, accounting for roughly 70% of all energy sources, and is anticipated to hold this position until 2049. This increases the need for carbon matter-handling technologies and services that enable cleaner or lessened gas emissions. Particulate matter control systems, carbon injection systems, improved combustion technologies, and alternative fuel technologies may be some of the technologies that can be used to improve the air quality in the nation.

Sludge treatment and reuse also present a significant problem for the nation. Over 700,000 tons of sludge are produced in Poland each year, and this waste has traditionally been disposed of by filling landfills. Poland, an EU member state, is required to look for new and alternative ways to treat sludge in a more environmentally friendly way as part of EU obligations to reduce waste diversion to landfills. This increases the need for waste-to-energy and filtration-related environmental technologies.


3 - Transportation Systems:

The third-best industry in Poland to think about in 2022 is transportation systems. Poland continues to invest a significant amount of money in the growth of its transportation system. New transportation initiatives are actively being developed and built to improve connectivity and satisfy the societal and economic needs of the country. Poland has stated intentions to invest 17.5 billion in rail infrastructure and 36.6 billion in improvements to road infrastructure through the EU funding program. With the fifth-longest highway and motorway network in Europe, Poland has a sizable and expanding network of roads and highways.

The government intends to continue building new roads and implementing improvements as part of its new safe road infrastructure program, which focuses on the infrastructure that will be built for road safety. There are active efforts being made in Poland to incorporate intermodal transportation of goods and products as the country's railway system develops. The EU increased funds to help address these issues, but the main barriers are the slow speed of cargo trains in Poland. As a result of the nation's ongoing efforts to upgrade its transportation infrastructure, there is a significant opportunity for companies or individuals with significant expertise to enter the market, making the transportation sector one of the best businesses in Poland to consider in 2022.