Does the Skilled Migrant Category Visa Assure a Direct Pathway to Residence in NZ?

The skilled migrant category visa is meant for those professionals who have a job offer or are currently working with an accredited employer in New Zealand. It is a direct pathway to residence in the country.

To get an approval for SMC visa in New Zealand, you need to meet some essential criteria. It includes age, English language, and additional skills. Also, the applicants are supposed to qualify for the right number of points and submit an expression of interest.

Once accepted, you will get an invitation to the country. There are lots of perks associated with this visa.

What are the Benefits Associated with SMC Visa in Auckland?

There are lots of benefits associated with getting an approval for SMC visa in New Zealand. Some of the most remarkable ones include the following:

·       Live, work, and study in the country

·       Include your partner and dependent children. Those children must belong to the age group of twenty-four and under.

·       Easily claim some points for your educational qualification, occupation, or income. It is impossible to combine points from either of these categories.

·       Easy to claim a single point and a maximum of three points annually for skilled work in New Zealand

These are some advantages associated with an SMC visa in New Zealand. There are some important things to note about this visa.

What are Some Important Points to Note with an SMC Visa?

After coming across some benefits associated with an SMC visa in New Zealand, it is high time to note a few points associated with this visa. They are as under:

·       It is essential to have six points in terms of application

·       You must have a job offer from one of the job providers in New Zealand. The employment must be with an accredited employer, either part-time or full-time.

·       People invited to apply before October 2023 must apply using previous visa criteria. The previous visa criteria will permit you to claim points for work experience that is gained outside NZ.

These are some important points that you must note.

What are Some Decent Updates Related to the SMC Visa to NZ?

In October 2023, the Government of New Zealand implemented a new system for points. If you are also an applicant for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa in NZ, then this update is meant for you.

Having exposure to these updates will streamline your application process and provide a fast path to residence. The key changes implemented by highly skilled migrants include the following:

·       New point system – As an applicant, you must need at least six points to apply for the visa. Points from different skill indicators can hardly be combined. If you want to claim additional points every year, then a maximum of three points is allowed.

·       Job offer with minimum median wage – No doubt, the job offer must be from an accredited employer. The job must allow one to work a minimum of thirty hours a week and pay at least the median wage.

·       Unchanged needs – A few needs associated with SMC visas in New Zealand remain the same including character and health needs. In terms of age limit, you must be younger than fifty-five years and must have a good score in IELTS.

·       An unlimited number of applications allowed – Regarding the number of applications for a Skilled Migrant Category visa, there is no limit associated. The decision to straight-forward application will be taken within eight weeks.

·       Interim visa – There are times when the present temporary visa expires at the time of application gets processed. In such a situation, you will be granted a SMC interim visa thus permitting you to stay in the country until the visa gets processed.

Now, want to know more a bit about resident visas in New Zealand? Here it is……

How to Get a Resident Visa to New Zealand Approved in the First Chance?

New Zealand is a highly popular country that is known for its cooperative people and rural surroundings. Apart from these, moderate living costs and ample opportunities are some additional features that attract immigrants.

That is why, every year lots of applications regarding permanent residence in the country get submitted. If you are also on your way to apply for an NZ resident visa, then several steps need to be followed.

Following those steps strictly will increase your chances of getting permanent residence approved.

Is Gaining a Permanent Residency in NZ a Complicated Process?

Getting approval for a permanent resident visa requires undergoing several processes. Post the hitting of the pandemic of COVID-19, the process of getting a PR has become even more complicated.

Below are some exclusive steps that you must follow to gain permanent residency in the country. Also, a few challenges have been mentioned that may affect the approval period of your visa application.

Is it Difficult to Apply for a Resident Visa the First Step?

To start with, the first step is to get a permanent residence visa in New Zealand; it is good to apply for a resident visa. This visa will let you live, study, and work in the country. There are certain conditions that you are supposed to meet to apply for PR.

There are several categories associated with the application for a resident visa in New Zealand that include:

·       Family category

·       Work to residence category

·       Business Category

·       Skilled migrant category

After two successful years of completing your stay on a resident visa, you will become eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa.

There are certain challenges that you may come across in getting a resident visa in New Zealand.

How to Get Your Dependent Child Resident Visa Approved?

As a holder of a resident visa to New Zealand, are you planning to bring your children to live along with you? Then getting approval for a dependent child resident visa will let your children join you.

The visa will permit them to live, study, and work in the country. Working with a reliable immigration consultant will let you pen down the visa application form smoothly. Were your children born and brought up in New Zealand from the very beginning? If yes, then they need not apply for residence separately.

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