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What is .NET and How is it Useful for Custom Software Development?

What is .NET and How is it Useful for Custom Software Development?
Dec 09, 2022 (337 Views)

There are many technological platforms available for software development. Businesses find it hard to choose one that would fit their requirement.

So, before finalising a technology, ensure that it is not only capable of fulfilling your current requirement but also eligible to handle any major updates in future.  

You would want a platform that is reliable, so if your business requirement needs changes in the app, you don’t have to change the technology or platform. 

Moreover, a flexible platform would be the perfect choice as if you need integrations from other languages, it would be easier.

There is one platform that satisfies all the above points that we discussed and is one of the best development platforms to choose for your business, i.e. .NET. 

.NET has been the development platform for a lot of successful businesses like Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and many more.

They choose .NET as it is a highly scalable and reliable platform. No matter what size business you run, .NET is the best choice for small businesses as well enterprises.

If you are not from a tech background and don’t have much knowledge about .NET, we are here for you. 

Let us first understand what is .NET.


What is .NET?

.NET is one of the most famous open-source development platforms. It hosts tools and libraries to build all kinds of apps like web apps, mobile apps, IoT apps and microservices.

This platform supports around 60 programming languages making it extremely flexible. That is why it is one of the most preferred platforms. 

It is highly scalable so works for both startups and enterprises. There are many built-in tools and integrations to make the best use of the .NET framework with Microsoft tools like Office 365, Azure cloud hosting, etc.

If you haven’t finalised .NET for your next project, this article will be helpful. 


What is Custom Software Development?

Market is competitive because the technology space is unpredictable. Technology impacts the preferences of customers and employees.

This unpredictability pressurises businesses to change and adopt the new trend. The later you decide to make changes, the costlier it will be for your business.

This is the reason businesses are looking for development companies for custom software development. Thus, they can have a user-friendly and intuitive software product developed as per your business requirement.

We can define custom software development as the design, development, deployment and maintenance of an application that fulfils unique business demands.

The ready-to-use software products available in the market are called COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf software). But your business might require different workflows and demand specific features to fulfil the needs.

This requirement can only be fulfilled by custom software development. It is also beneficial for a business in terms of profit. Every business wants to make a profit and it can only be achieved by increasing overall productivity and growth which therefore improves the profit rates. 

The automated tasks will reduce redundant tasks so that your resources can focus on more relevant and important tasks. 


How is .NET useful for Custom Software Development?

Based on what developers and business have felt about choosing .NET as the development platform, here are some points that best explains the usefulness of .NET.


Secure and safe Environment

Every business is concerned about cybersecurity, especially financial and healthcare fields. So, it is important to consider data security during the development cycle itself.  

If the development platform you are using does not come with tools that can help you with security, you can never have a secure app. .NET has role-based security, threat monitoring, and various other ways for secure applications. 

.NET development services have been preserved as a challenging technological framework in organisations since the beginning. .NET development structure is serving as a security framework from government organisations to MNCs.

Whether it is finance, marketing, or education, any industry can utilise this technological system using software like ASP.NET developments, APIs like Azure document dB, and SQL servers.

ASP.NET has Windows configuration and confirmation. This increases application security. Advanced features like CLR and Managed Code offer safety options like role-based security and code access security.

.NET allows the development of applications for browsers, desktops, phone browsers, or an app operation on a personal organiser. As .NET framework is language independent, this means development can be done on various compliant languages like C#, VB.NET, COBOL, IronPython, IronRuby, and many more.



.NET has a high market share value and has a lot of skilled resources supporting it. Anyone willing to learn .NET can educate themselves with degrees and certificates. 

If there is any requirement during development there are a lot of add-ons and developer support available. You won’t be left alone with your problem as community support is strong and always ready to help each other.

As the platform is good enough to serve all sorts of business and have a lot of skilled developers, any of your custom requirements could be achieved. There are .NET developers of every level in the market making it easier to seek support as and when required. 

As per one report, there are 7 to 8 million .NET developers in the world. As this technology has been in the market for many years, there are skilled and experienced developers available for extremely complex development requirements. You can hire .NET developers team with experience in your field of yours to make understanding easy for each other.  


High Scalability

It is obvious that as any business grows their software needs would also change. Initially, you might have a few hundred customers. A basic structure might be sufficient. But once your user base starts increasing, or you have new modules to add, you need to make changes from your end. 

.NET is scalable and supports all kinds of growth like an increase in user base, data consumption, functionality, and more.

Developers can reuse objects in other projects by creating blueprints. Changing code in one area without affecting another is totally possible in .NET. 

So, when you are scaling your app, it is easy to add modules, update other modules, and benefit from tasks that have already been completed and tested by users.


Platform Independent

One of the major advantages of .NET development is that it is cross-platform. Developers are free to implement the code on platforms like Linux, macOS, and Windows. Thus, developing, deploying and testing any application are simplified on any platform.

Hence, a lot of time for developers and organisations would be saved in case they use diverse operating systems.

Out of 60 languages that .NET supports, only 11 are created by Microsoft. So, it supports languages from different platforms. 

You can create various applications from a single code base on visual studio. It is a development environment that allows the reusing of code to create different variations of an application.  

Thus it can be a huge benefit when organisations require different versions like Android, iOS, and the web. You save time and resources by using the same code to develop across platforms. 


Rich Libraries and Resources

.NET has a wide range of libraries, tools, and methods to help developers find the right solution quickly. 

Visual Studio has libraries, extensions, collaboration tools, and more for developers to write the code, compile, debug, and release the app efficiently.  

Hence, a wide range of libraries and tools is the added advantage of it that makes development much faster. It also boosts the high volume of open-source code, components, and modules. It is available for developers to explore and use in their projects. 


Enormous and Viable

When we talk about quality, .NET turns first. It is versatile and flexible. It is also capable of developing mobile apps. The .NET community has developed projects to show the connection between websites and mobile devices.

It offers the best user experience and helps organisations to fulfil the demand for their product or service.


Easy Maintenance

Any updates in your already developed application are extremely easy. Whether you want to update any component or add one, maintenance is an easy process. Your users will always have the best experience even if you run updates, test or push new versions live.



It is clear from the above discussion that .NET development platform is one of the most reliable, scalable, and flexible platforms. If you are a business owner planning to for custom software development for your business, no matter what business you're in, .NET would fulfil your needs. You would require a development team who can help you with the development process. Either you can hire freelancers and make a team or hire .NET developer from a company. 

You would find developers having development experience in the tech industry you belong to. This would make it easier for you to explain your requirement and for them to understand yours. While hiring developers you can ask them to give their suggestions as well. This will give you insights from the developer's point of view and what is the ongoing trends in the market. 

Development is much faster in .NET, so you would probably get your application quickly (also depending on the requirement). It is mandatory to have an application that best represents your business, .NET would be your perfect partner in the development journey.